Accounting and Controlling Manager

The FLEXPOWER Accounting and Controlling Manager will drive the energy transition by making sure our accounts and counterparties are always paid on schedule. We deal and have financial exchanges with energy producers, various power and certificate exchanges, grid operators and various service providers. You will be in charge of managing accounts and ensuring that all books balance. You will be working closely with our external accountants and tax consultants and build up a robust system to always ensure liquidity and payment. This is a part-time position and can be handled quite flexibly. For this role, we are especially looking at parents with significant work experience and the wish to work within a dynamic environment.

You enjoy to

  • Independently and autonomously process accounts receivable/payable
  • Oversee daily posting of bank statements and all current business transactions in accounts receivable/payable 
  • Execute direct debit collections and checking deposits
  • Manage ongoing account maintenance and balance reconciliation
  • Oversee dunning/receivables management
  • Handle the processing of customer master records and changes
  • Create monthly and annual financial statements in cooperation with external accountants
  • Create and update expense and travel reports with Circula
  • Manage data flows in Datev & Personio
  • Manage projects and support the Managing Directors

You are confident in your ability to 

  • Outperform experts in accounting and controlling as you are a hands-on decison maker with a keen eye for detail
  • Stand up to management and show them how it's done when you know better
  • Work in a team, create, and implement new ideas and processes under pressure
  • Learn the workings of the energy industry and trading more generally 
  • Work independently and in a result-oriented way, and are willing to take responsibility 
  • Speak German fluently and good enough English to feel confident in an English speaking enviornment

You will learn to

  • Build the industry standard for accounting and controlling in energy
  • Understand European energy markets and the energy transition
  • Truly work in a very close team and grow into a leadership position if you wish to 
  • Carry responsibility for processes that lie at the heart of our business


For this role we are especially looking for a person who brings structure to a dynamic environment. Your attention to detail will be highly appreciated. 

We are looking forward to your application and are happy to answer any questions you may have about the position in question.