Flex Trading

Achieving net-zero electricity production requires roughly the tripling of our current renewable energy capacities for Germany until 2050. Filling the gaps in renewable energy production requires the development of approximately 30 GW of renewable flexibility, most of which will come from batteries and demand-side management (DSM).

Flex is Coming

We believe that flex trading is the most exciting field in the energy transition. We will replace coal & gas together!

Winning in a Fresh Market

Our customers want the best value for their flexibility while maintaining technical integrity, and we help you achieve it. As many trading companies shy away from complexity, they stick to ancillary markets and miss opportunities. Forecasting revenues from an integrated cross-market trading solution that combines ancillary markets, behind the meter optimization, spot and especially intraday markets is highly complex given the current price volatility. Furthermore, it may seem unclear which battery types are the best fit for the various use cases, as there is a lack of transparency on what kind of revenues are achieved on a daily basis. Understanding the regulatory environment and upcoming changes is a further challenge when making optimal investment decisions. 

Turning Flexibility into Value!

Our job as traders is to find you the best market spots to achieve optimal returns. Combining over 25 years of trading experience, we are the experts that decide when and where your flex should be put to work. We optimize an integrated value chain from the ancillary, day ahead, and intraday markets, as well as potential behind the meter applications while following technical cycling and warranty restrictions. We help you find the best technology-market fit and consult you on regulatory frameworks and changes. We provide you with asset-level monitoring of our dispatch decisions and the resulting revenue streams in order to create collaborative learning processes for future dispatch and, more importantly, investment decisions.  

This is how we do

Our Service

We assume dispatch and reporting responsibility and trade your asset as a responsible balancing party. We offer you either revenue participation or fixed returns per MW/MWh combination. Each flexible asset is different, and we strive to develop standardized products while allowing you to set technical restrictions depending on cycling capacity, warranties, or behind the meter applications. 

We help you better understand the value of integrating your potential renewable production by complementing it with flexibility in your portfolio. 

We allow you daily monitoring of the dispatch and the resulting revenue stream on a per-asset basis. 

We will consult you on your route to the market regarding technical and regulatory questions and offer ready customer support whenever you have questions or wish to change your dispatch model. 


what do you mean by flexibility?

A flexible asset is capable of regulating its power production up and down. Typically we think of batteries and demand side management. However, biomass and hydrogen assets clearly also have some flexibility. Wind and solar have limited flexibility as they can only be shut off when there is production. Influencing wind and sun is sadly beyond our scope of service.

how much is my flexibility worth?

This depends on the cost, capacity, and speed at which your asset can be dispatched. We are keen to help you price your flexibility. Generally, we can say that the value of flexibility increases with price volatility.

can i lose money when flexpower trades my asset?

Not really. Flexibility has a worth and can create value, especially in short-term markets. The question is not whether you lose money but whether you are getting the best value out of your asset. Our mission is to do this together with you.


We see our mission twofold. First, we want to ensure maximum value for your asset. Secondly, we want to help you navigate this relatively new and fast-changing environment in order to scale your operations. We will consult you on the economic and regulatory environment to help you grow your business.

what makes flexpower different from other trading companies?

We are products of the energy transition in a digitized age. This allows us to onboard and monitors your assets along a very lean process. You will be able to monitor your assets' production and revenue creation daily basis, and we ensure maximum customer support at each step of the way. As traders, we believe in a fully automated approach with human supervision. We know the value of human interference in trading and believe that the best results are achieved when humans and machines work together.