Rent a trader

Our team of experienced and reliable traders helps you whenever you need professionals who can manage and close your positions manually or automatically at flexible or pre-determined prices. 

We like Volatility

For good reasons, most actors shy away from volatility and risk. Like experienced mountaineers, we thrive in risky situations and are here to guide you to your destination safely.

Risky Positions can hurt the Bottom Line

Our customers face extremely volatile and unpredictable short-term energy markets that make managing a large renewable portfolio extremely risky. Receiving reasonable price quotes has become increasingly difficult as most pricing models date back to a subsidy-driven past and have not caught up to a world where renewables are 100% competitive. There is a need to better understand the value of various renewable technologies under changing circumstances. Furthermore, there is a need to better communicate curtailment values, flexibility, and live data. Lastly, our customers are looking for reliable long-term partners with unencumbered processes, flexible and responsive services, and a proactive approach in informing them of any relevant (regulatory) changes on the market side of the business.  

Trade with us!

We offer you a viable and trusted alternative if you face a make-or-buy decision when trading out your positions. We trade your positions as a service and arrive at flexible payment agreements such as benchmarking against indices, pay-as-traded, automated bot closing, and revenue splits in prop trading. We are happy to give you a competitive benchmark for your in-house traders by taking over parts of the portfolio and helping you to estimate performance. With our team of experienced traders, we can help you for a short period and later configure algorithms that can take over the volumes that need to be handled. We are enthusiastic about short-term power markets and hope to help others to appreciate their value. 

This is how we do

Our Service

We provide trading services on short notice and help you find solutions to close your position at optimal prices.

We provide algorithms that allow you to configure and monitor how your positions are handled. 

We offer various services as balancing responsible party, and give you flexible access whenever you need. 

We deliver and check your bidding for the day ahead and ancillary markets and consult you on improving bidding strategies.

We help you optimize unused trading potential, significantly reducing your imbalance costs.


Why should I rent a trader?

Trading is an art as much as it is a science. Short-term markets tend to be extremely volatile. This gives traders opportunities that may only look like risks to a beginner. We offer you our expertise in decision-making, execution, automation, or simply to take over this work for you.

On which markets does Flexpower Trade?

We manage positions on all short-term markets: Day Ahead and Intraday auctions, continuous Intraday, and Ancillary Services markets. We can also close positions physically through schedules and OTC deals.

What if i already have a trading desk?

No problem. We can take shifts off your trading desk if you do not want to cover 24/7 or even offer you replacement services for holidays or if a trader unexpectedly leaves your desk. Beyond this, we may even be able to cooperate with your team to improve performance.

Can I lose money using flexpower's RENT-A-TRADER service?

This depends on your chosen model of cooperation. Generally, we can take most risks off your hands. If you like to share in trading profits, we may ask you to share in the risk to the extent you are comfortable.

What is the difference between flexpower and other Energy Traders?

Most trading companies are highly secretive about their work and do not offer trading services. We believe it is not easy to copy our work and are happy to share most knowledge to advance the market. We have the most experienced traders on German short-term power markets and, despite heavily using algorithms, are convinced of the value of a human manual trader monitoring the market at all times.