Let's stop burning things and let's make fossil fuels a thing of the past! FlexPower bridges the gap in renewable power generation by providing intermittent renewable generation and energy storage flexibility with expert and transparent trading services. This requires rapid and audacious decisions on short-term markets. We assume calculated risks, act fast, trade boldly, and provide unbureaucratic access to the market. 

Our Vision

Solar and wind will soon be the principal sources of electricity around the globe, pushing fossil fuels out of the system. But these green yet intermittent energy sources are bound to increase production volatility and prices. This volatility is not only a physical and financial challenge but also an opportunity for traders who mind the gap between times when the winds blow, the sun shines, and times when they drop out. Managing this volatility and risk is a welcome challenge to an expert energy trader. Flexibility trading is the new energy trading! 

Meet the Team


CEO | Managing Director

Amani Joas

C3PO | Managing Director

Jan Egidi

COO | Managing Director

Mirko Thoden

HoT | Managing Director

Our founding team has the longest proven track record of superior financial performance in Europe’s short-term markets. We combine over 25 years of trading experience and will use this experience to benefit our customers. Having met and worked together at one of Germany’s most successful energy start-ups, we are uniquely positioned to ride the second wave of the energy transition.  

Part of the CF universe

CF Flex Power is part of the CF universe. We are a joint venture financed and crucially supported by CFP Energy. CFP Energy is a leading energy and environmental solutions provider specializing in working with large and complex consumers. FLEXPOWER is an operationally independent company proud to have found such an outstanding partner.

Catching the stars

FLEXPOWER stands for a flexible approach to markets and towards the world more generally. Just like our chameleon mascot, we need to adapt to our environment instead of trying to force our will onto it. We need to adjust to the changing needs of customers and markets. We celebrate flexibility not only as a technical concept but hold it as the core value to be successful in our business. Change is the only constant in this world, and we believe in its power to better our lives.


Who has the power

We like a fair fight and openly challenge all players who still believe in and benefit from a fossil-fuel-based energy world. They may be bigger, but we are faster. 

The good trader's tale

We are aware that traders do not always have the best reputation. We are here to change this. We believe that making money and doing well are not mutually exclusive and we are convinced that our actions provide a crucial value to a highly complex system.  

Handle with care

As an energy company trading on physical markets, we hold responsibility for our customers and the grid's stability. We take this responsibility seriously and ensure we are a force for good in this realm. 

Truth or dare

We believe in open communication within our organization but also with our customers, partners, vendors, and regulators. We want you to have the right and best information to evaluate our services and our approach. 

Be a chameleon, my friend

Like our chameleon mascot, we encourage employees, partners, and customers to embrace change as a constant fact of life. Our environment is changing fast, so we must do the same. We constantly push ourselves to innovate for our customers and the market. 

Try alchemy

We know talent and great ideas don’t recognize borders, race, or sexual orientation. We are committed to driving a change for more openness in our industry. Respect is the foundation of any good business relationship, and we will always maintain it. 


Make the Headlines

With us, you work on shaping the energy system of the future and create the headlines you want to read. We welcome you to enquire about the most dynamic and tech-savvy energy trading house in Europe.