CF FLEX POWER bridges the gap in renewables generation. We are traders and engineers working to integrate renewables and flexibility from batteries into a 100% sustainable and stable grid. 

Price Drop 2023!

Check out our special offer for the trading of your renewable asset in 2023 in Germany!


Our Services

We help achieve 100% green energy by using our experienced 24/7 trading team to physically and financially bring new flexibility and renewables to market. We guarantee the best value for your asset and can take risks and positions through our trading and balancing services. At FLEXPOWER, you can even "rent-a-trader." 

Trading Renewable Portfolios

Our trading experience and forecasting technology allow us to manage large renewable portfolios at competitive prices.  

Providing Access to Flex Markets

We give your battery or DSM flex direct market access and optimize the flexibility across markets to capture the most value.

Integrating Renewable Assets

We offer flexible and fast services to onboard and manage renewable assets in our balancing group. Check our 2023 campaign.

Lending a Helping Hand

Our team of experienced and reliable traders helps you with experts who can manage and close your positions at flexible or pre-determined prices.  

Managing Risks

As traders, we are happy to take chances and risks on any unused capacity. We trade manually and automatically or assist you with Algo development.

Providing Transparency

We let you know each asset's energy production and revenue creation in real time. 


Dance with us. Join the crew!

We are convinced that passion beats knowledge any time of the day. We welcome you to enquire about the most dynamic and tech-savvy energy trading house in Europe. 

Our Power Partners in Crime


Confessions of a Trader

Radical honesty is a rare animal in the wilderness of energy trading so we are proud to share some stories which are maybe harsh, quick and dirty but speaking the truth, the truth and nothing but the truth.

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