“Times they are a changin’” – Bob Dylan

We enter the second phase of the energy transition in which the finish line of 100% renewables is getting closer each year. The times of "produce and forget" are over. FLEXPOWER offers you tailored power trading services to navigate this changing energy landscape.


No worries, we got you

FLEXPOWER helps you to bring your portfolio to market. We combine over 25 years of renewables trading in our team of short-term energy traders. We manage large-scale renewable portfolios and flexible assets with our lean and fully digitized approach.

Renewables Trading

Bringing green electrons from your PV module, wind farm, biogas plant, or hydropower station to an electric outlet is a fascinating challenge. Creating maximum value in the process is our mission. 

Flex Trading

 The nascent flexibility market for batteries and DSM is messy. We ensure maximum profitability by cross-trading your flexible asset between Day Ahead-, Intraday- and Ancillary Services markets. 


Our team of experienced and reliable traders helps you whenever you need experts who can manage and close your positions manually or automatically at flexible or pre-determined prices.  


Confessions of a trader

Radical honesty is a rare animal in the wilderness of trading so we are proud to share some stories who are maybe harsh, quick and dirty but speaking the truth, the truth and nothing but the truth.