PowerMatch is FLEXPOWER´s novel and first-of-its-kind platform for renewable energy producers and storage providers to trade power directly with commercial & industrial power consumers. 

This way, PowerMatch enables the conclusion of power purchase agreements that deliver up to 100% Green Power 24/7/365.

PowerMatch for Sellers (PV | Wind & Batteries)

Let there be light! - PowerMatch lets you conduct PPAs in one click

Negotiating and closing PPAs can be a complex and confusing undertaking. Prices are intransparent and mostly indicative. PowerMatch sheds light on this dark side of the energy transition by guaranteeing 100% transparent real-time pricing for your power production.

PowerMatch for Buyers (Industrial & Commercial)

Finding truly Green Power has been an impossible task - until now!

With PowerMatch you are able to buy 100% Green Power directly from the source - producers. Calibrated to your consumption profile, you can now buy PV and Wind production and have it delivered straight to your metering point. You can even add a "virtual battery" to your procurement composition, thereby insuring maximum security of your power supply.

Wind & Solar

Operators of wind & solar assets that have left subsidy schemes - or have never entered them - need long-term, fixed prices to hedge against price volatility on spot markets. PowerMatch connects them with battery operators to create a 24/7 green power product that buyers on the platform can bid for.


Battery energy storage system operators know how important their technology is to balance the grid. But prices on flexibility markets are impossible to forecast or fix. On PowerMatch, batteries find suiting counterparts to receive a floor price in order to back up investment decisions. 


Why is it impossible to ensure 24/7 power delivery with 100% green power, we get asked from industrial and commercial consumers a lot. This is why we built PowerMatch. On our novel and first-of-its-kind PPA platform, offtakers can now modularly source green power from solar, wind and batteries.  

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