Finding and growing a career that you value is one of the critical choices in your life. We believe that passion beats knowledge any time of the day. We are committed to helping you provide value from day one, which is why we get you operational fast. We want you to do, fail, learn, improve, understand, and grow faster than you could ever imagine.


Open Positions

Renewables Customer and Data Manager

FLEXPOWER Data Managers work to facilitate the energy transition by ensuring the data flows between customers, DSOs/TSOs, operations, and trading.


We are honest about the fact that engineering, esp. in energy, is still considered a male domain by some, and we wholeheartedly disagree! We will build a diverse trading environment that includes minds who do not think alike

We are looking forward to your application and are happy to answer any questions you may have about the position in question. 

All FLEXPOWER positions are open for graduate applications!

Power Trader

FLEXPOWER traders work to facilitate the energy transition with bold and rapid decision-making. Our traders work in shifts to cover the time when our clients’ assets deliver power: always.

Accounting &

Controlling Manager

The FLEXPOWER accounting and controlling manager will drive the energy transition by making sure our accounts and counterparties are always paid on schedule.

Software Architect

FLEXPOWER engineers work to facilitate the energy transition by building the tools to drive the physical and financial integration of renewable energy and flexibility.

Software Engineer

You will be developing a new industry standard to steer data flows between generation assets, flexible demand, grid operators, energy exchanges, market data sources and our trading floor within a team of experienced and passionate engineers.


Our Focus

We are power pioneers venturing to create the tech-driven trading house of the future. We mind the gap in renewable energy production by bridging it with carbon-free flexibility.  

I didn't Study the right Subject, can I still apply?

Absolutely yes. Clearly, you may need some skills and competence if you enter as a senior. To keep it with Mark Twain: "Never let schooling interfere with your education."

Can i make good money at a start-up?

Yes. We pay competitive salaries. As traders, we believe: the more risk you take, the more upside you get.

Will FLEXPOWER help me advance my career?

We can only be successful together if you agree to be a rapid learner. You will be on the cutting edge of a globally growing industry, working in the most advanced short-term market globally. Forget Silicon Valley, Wall Street, or Chicago: Short-term energy trading is pioneered right here in Europe.

Can I do an internship / Master Thesis at FLEXPOWER?

In principle, yes. However, we do not believe in offloading low-skill tasks, so your thesis needs to be practically relevant. Internships are only a pathway to a permanent position in case you are not yet experienced. 

Can I work from home?

If you are in tech, yes. If you are in trading or operations, we want you on the floor as much as possible because trading is like professional sports: you need to be on the field to play it. We flexibly allow you to work from home (or on a lovely island) when you think this is the best way to thrive.

is FLEXPOWER an equal opportunity Employer?

If you believe that talent depends on gender, race, age, or country of origin, FLEXPOWER is not for you. We strive for diversity without making it a central part of our hiring concern.

What's your Flex?


Our short-term power traders need a mind to reason within and outside the box, a playful heart, and the courage to decide.  


Our operators ensure that our internal grid is balanced and runs smoothly on 50 Hertz. They provide information flows between assets, customers, virtual power plants, grid operators, market exchanges, and traders. 


Our engineers develop software with creativity and teamwork. We look for pragmatic problem solvers who can write code like Shakespeare writes drama. 

Sales & Origination

Our originators are industry experts and go beyond sales. Your job is to assist our customers in determining and finding the best solutions for their assets or service needs. 


“To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.” – Mark Twain 

Competitive Salary

Let’s be honest: you don’t come to work for fun, which is why we will pay you according to the value you can and will provide. 


Trading is unique in its simplicity of measuring performance. So, it’s pretty simple: if the company does well, you will too.  


We want you to organize your life to create the most value. However, trading is like professional sports: you must regularly be on the pitch. Engineers have complete freedom to choose their place of work.

Flat Hierarchies

We honestly do not care about titles. We are all traders and only mind about outcomes. Your idea will prevail if you have a better idea than the CEO. 

Beautiful Office

We sit in a rooftop office right in St. Pauli, Hamburg. Once you’ve been around, you will laugh at people who want to work from home. And in case you're longing for a short break away from the office, your free-of-charge membership with Urban Sports Club Hamburg will surely help.

Pancake Fridays

Your boss will stand in the kitchen and serve you fresh pancakes every Friday. Once a month, we take you out for little adventures if you wish to join.  

Love what you do

Flexpower stands for a flexible approach to markets and towards the world more generally. Just like our chameleon mascot, we need to adapt as a species to a changing world to thrive. We need to adapt to our environment instead of trying to force our will onto it. We need to adjust to the changing social needs of customers and markets. We celebrate flexibility not only as a technical concept but hold it as the core value to be successful in our business. Change is the only constant in this world, and we believe in its power to improve our shared environment. 

Who has the power

We like a fair fight and openly challenge all players who still believe in and benefit from a fossil-fuel-based energy world. They may be bigger, but we are faster. 

The good trader's tale

We are aware that traders do not always have the best reputation. We are here to change this. We believe that making money and doing something good are not mutually exclusive and we are convinced that our actions provide a crucial value to a highly complex system.  


We believe that gender or sexual orientation is not essential to your success in our team. However, creating a diverse environment in which each person feels welcome and valued is critical. The energy world has been a socially traditional industry, and we invite you to help us change this. 

Handle with care 

As an energy company, we hold responsibility for our customers and the grid's stability. We take this responsibility seriously and ensure you are a force for good in this realm. 

Be water my friend 

Like our chameleon mascot, we encourage employees, partners, and customers to embrace change as a constant fact of life. Our environment is changing fast, so we must do the same. We constantly push ourselves to innovate for our customers and the market. 

Try alchemy

We know talent and great ideas don’t recognize borders, race, or sexual orientation. We are committed to driving a change for more openness in our industry. Respect is the foundation of any good business relationship, and we will always maintain it. 

Dreamwork Teamwork

As individuals, we humans are a physically unimpressive species. We only stand out whenever we collaborate. For this, we invented language to communicate, and for communication, nothing is more important than trust and sympathy. We expect you to contribute to this virtuous cycle to help you succeed within a team. 

You like our culture - but don't see the right job?

Our job postings are our best attempt to communicate what we're looking for. However, we are imperfect and may be looking for you without realizing it. If you think this is the right place for you, send us an application for the job you think we should have posted.