Renewables Trading

Bringing green electrons from your PV module, wind farm, biogas plant, or hydropower station to an electric outlet is a fascinating challenge. It is your job to build more green energy assets and run them; it is ours to turn this energy into revenue.

Taking your Power to Market

While you build and ensure the seamless working of your asset and portfolio, we find the best prices on the market.

Shouldering your Risks

Our customers face extremely volatile and unpredictable short-term energy markets that make managing a large renewable portfolio risky. Receiving reasonable price quotes has become increasingly difficult as most pricing models date back to a subsidy-driven past and have not caught up to a world where renewables are 100% competitive. There is a need to better understand the value of various renewable technologies under changing circumstances. Furthermore, there is a need to better communicate curtailment values, flexibility, and live data. Lastly, our customers are looking for reliable long-term partners with unencumbered processes, flexible and responsive services, and a proactive approach in informing them of any relevant (regulatory) changes on the market side of the business.  

Power Trading? Solved!

We believe in openness with our customers, so here is the hard truth: The days of ‘produce and forget’ are over. Renewables produce roughly half of German electricity and have grown out of their subsidy-based, state-run cradle. This is a development to be proud of, but it also means that green electrons now compete in a highly complex market. We will navigate this market with you and take off all risks that we can influence while helping you understand the value of each asset by delivering daily performance reports. You will know why it is reasonable to curtail production at certain times, when it makes the most sense to schedule maintenance or clear a PV plant of dust and snow, and why we use your flexibility at certain times.  

We offer variable management fees dependent on wholesale prices because while high prices improve your returns, they also increase the difficulty of managing your asset on intraday and balancing markets. We use the business' best forecasting, monitoring, and operating technology to improve value and transparency and help you lock in long-term PPA returns with our financially robust investors at CFP Energy. 

This is how we do

Our Service

We manage your power flows as your balancing responsible party and comply with all necessary market communications with the TSO and DSOs.  

We operate your assets within Germany's largest virtual power plant (VPP), forecast production, trade on Day-Ahead and Intraday markets, and take on all balancing risks.  

We implement innovative counterparty risk strategies with rapid payment and physical transfers to limit financial exposures while using trusted guarantors to cover any remaining residual risks. In a nutshell: we are not a bank, and we make sure to return your money as fast as humanly possible.  

We facilitate medium-term PPAs to help you lock in long-term returns for a part of your production whenever you wish to do so. 


What kind of renewable assets does flexpower trade?

We trade Solar PV, Wind, Biomass, and hydropower assets. Sorry, no CO2 emitters at FLEXPOWER.

On which markets does flexpower trade energy?

We trade on European Spot and short-term markets. This includes the Day-Ahead and Intraday auction, EPEX, Nordpool Intraday, and the various Ancillary markets for primary, secondary, and tertiary reserves.

is there a minimum capacity in power generation to become a customer of flexpower?

We take on any asset with a minimum capacity of 100 kW. If you pre-pool the assets, we are open to smaller sizes.

what is my benefit in choosing flexpower?

FLEXPOWER has the most experienced short-term traders in the market. We are driven to deliver you flexible services catered to your needs, and let's keep it real: we want to offer you the most competitive prices in the industry.

what is the difference between flexpower and other energy traders?

We are products of the energy transition in a digitized age. This allows us to onboard and monitors your assets along a very lean process. You will be able to monitor your asset's production and revenue creation on a daily basis, and we ensure maximum customer support at each step of the way.