Anlagenkombination aus PV (links) und Batteriespeicher (Mitte) in Wanneperveen, Niederlanden
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Hamburg, 3.7.2024 – FlexPower GmbH, PowerField Energy B.V., and Spectral have commenced trading operations for the co-located Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and Photovoltaic (PV) plant in Wanneperveen. The project, which includes a 21 MW, 52 MWh battery storage system and a 28 MWp solar power generation facility, is now operational and actively participating in the Dutch Day-Ahead and Intraday markets.

PowerField developed, owns, and now operates this largest co-located PV/BESS site in the Netherlands through its new business unit PowerField Energy. Construction of the solar park began in early 2023 and was completed in September of the same year. The battery storage system followed in 2024 and is now operational.

FlexPower is responsible for the trading and optimization of the asset. Utilizing a fully automated co-location optimization algorithm, FlexPower optimizes the performance of both the PV and BESS, taking into account various grid restrictions. This ensures optimal service to the grid while maximizing revenue potential.

Spectral serves as the Virtual Power Plant (VPP) solution provider, connecting the assets to the trader through their STELLAR platform. This integration enables fully automated operations via which assets are activated based on market trading actions. Furthermore, STELLAR will enable Powerfield Energy to obtain their BSP status for FCR and aFRR, acting as the operating system behind Powerfield’s next generation VPP.

Eelco Rondhuis, Head of Energy Management at PowerField, expressed pride in the project’s success: "The project in Wanneperveen not only provides a significant boost to local renewable energy production but also offers valuable lessons in optimizing the performance of co-located energy assets. Co-locating PV and battery energy storage behind a single grid access point is increasingly popular in new energy projects. The co-location requires an integrated approach with a larger amount of optimization parameters such as available grid capacity, current market prices and co-located PV generation. The collaboration between PowerField, FlexPower and Spectral sets a new standard for future projects aiming to enhance grid reliability and support the energy transition.”

Amani Joas, Managing Director of FlexPower, commented on the project's significance: "The launch of the Wanneperveen site marks a significant milestone in our efforts to enhance grid stability and renewable energy integration in the Netherlands. Our integrated trading approach covers the forecasting and trading of PV power as well as optimizing and trading battery capacity. Thereby, we navigate market dynamics and grid constraints effectively, delivering both economic and environmental benefits."

Philip Gladek, CEO of Spectral, added: "Our role as the VPP provider is crucial in harnessing the full potential of the Wanneperveen project. By connecting the assets and facilitating real-time optimization, we contribute to a more resilient and flexible energy system. This project exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation in driving the energy transition."


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