Power Trader

FLEXPOWER traders work to facilitate the energy transition with bold and rapid decision-making. Our traders work in shifts to cover the time when our clients’ assets deliver power: always. Short-term electricity trading requires you to observe the state of the grid and the market in real time. You monitor fundamental factors influencing prices such as wind and solar output, the production of various conventional plants, the energy flow between neighboring countries, the state of the grid, temperature, demand, and the behavior of actors on continuous markets such as EPEX SPOT. You use this information to (hopefully) make profitable trading decisions. When you make mistakes (which you will) or spot patterns and have ideas about new strategies, you analyze to check your intuition against data. Trading can be an extremely fun, exhilarating experience; however, you need the ability to change your mind, focus under pressure and have the emotional maturity to step away from your keyboard when it is not the time to fight.  

Communication is essential in this role, as short-term power trading is done within a shift team of around six traders who will support and carry you throughout the week. Furthermore, you will work closely with engineers who will help you build tools and whom you will help to create performant algorithms. The best traders tend to love the market as (some) kids love computer games. This is a job where passion beats talent any time of the day.

You enjoy to

  • Play games that require mental agility 
  • Take calculated risks
  • Work under pressure
  • Make decisions quickly
  • Work well in a self-managed team that cherishes performance and supports one another in failure 

You are confident in your ability to 

  • Beat anyone in the market with a university degree in economics, finance, math, or other quantitative subjects
  • Do quantitative analysis (no rocket science needed) 
  • Motivate yourself and show initiative to improve yourself and others 
  • Write (or learn to write) some code in R, VBA, Python, or other

You will learn to

  • Understand European energy markets in depth 
  • Truly work in a very close team 
  • Make good, rapid decisions under pressure 
  • Carry large financial and operational responsibility 


We are honest about the fact that engineering, esp. in energy, is still considered a male domain by some, and we wholeheartedly disagree! We will build a diverse trading environment that includes minds who do not think alike

We are looking forward to your application and are happy to answer any questions you may have about the position in question.