Software Engineer

FLEXPOWER engineers contribute to solving the biggest challenge of our generation by building the tools that enable the physical and financial integration of renewable energy and flexibility.

You will be developing a new industry standard to steer data flows between generation assets, flexible demand, grid operators, energy exchanges, market data sources, and our trading floor within a team of experienced and passionate engineers.

We acknowledge the diversity problem within software engineering. A diverse work environment is fundamental to us, a space where everyone can innovate and contribute to solving one of the toughest problems humanity has ever faced. We commit to an open and inclusive culture and we are willing to work for it and improve.

You enjoy

  • Solving problems in a pragmatic and iterative way to help the business win.
  • Evolving in a fast-paced, operation-driven environment and having close contact with users and stakeholders.
  • Designing, developing, and running data-driven applications: trading bots, battery optimization, ETL pipelines, transaction management systems.
  • Taking ownership for the system you build and planning improvements based on feedback from users and operations.
  • Learning, all the time, not only about software engineering but also about work organization.

You can support the team with

  • Writing clean and maintainable code, using version control and collaboratively reviewing and shipping it.
  • Designing applications for a serverless setup. We are currently using AWS as a cloud provider.
  • Communicating about technical matters to groups with various levels of technical affinity.
  • Developing software in Python, Golang, Rust or any other programming language.
  • Using data engineering basics to manage data flows and storage.

You will learn to

  • Understand European energy markets and the ins and outs of a trading floor.
  • Help stakeholders transform their ideas into working software.
  • Own not only the software but also the outcomes.
  • Be part of a self-organizing team which owns its processes and experiments continuously with new ideas and tools.
  • Approach technical problems with data-driven insights and collaboration with your peers.


While we would love to see you on the trading floor in Hamburg, our engineering team is spread worldwide and manage their time freely.

If you identify with the position and our vision and values, we are looking forward to your application. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the position in question