PPA Platform PowerMatch shows on-screen prices of solar, wind, and storage capacity for offtakers who like to bundle a 265/24/7 power purchase agreement (PPA)
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After an extensive test phase, Hamburg-based power trader FLEXPOWER has launched a self-developed platform for the conclusion of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). On PowerMatch, power consumers and power producers can now view prices for the purchase or sale of renewable energy power live and in a transparent way.

In contrast to previously feasible PPA transactions in electricity procurement, PowerMatch makes it possible to combine different energy sources and, in the future, also battery storage power to ensure complete simultaneity between green power generation and electricity consumption. In this way, PowerMatch enables the conclusion of power purchase agreements that deliver 100% German green power every quarter of an hour of the year. The platform is freely accessible at www.flex-power.energy/powermatch/.

The direct contractual relationship between power producers and consumers ensures, on the one hand, a complete supply of clean power from Germany along with the corresponding guarantees of origin (GOOs). This is because, in contrast to power trading under the so-called market premium model, the local green power certificates do not expire when power volumes are purchased directly by the consumer. In addition, PowerMatch also enables price fixing for plants that wish to remain in the EEG subsidy scheme - in this case FLEXPOWER also handles the procurement of the required guarantees of origin.

Whereas previous PPAs in Germany were mostly characterised by large-volume contracts between large producers and large consumers, the product standardisation via the PowerMatch platform now also opens up market access to the PPA business for medium-sized companies. This is because the combination of solar, wind and battery storage allows electricity buyers to purchase a continuous band of renewable generation - similar to familiar base load profiles from the fossil energy world. In addition, the administrative handling of standardised PPAs is less time-consuming, since, for example, the procurement of residual volumes through daily trading on the spot market now takes place on the basis of a standard profile.

Max Amir Dieringer, co-founder and CEO of FLEXPOWER, sees the PowerMatch offering as an inevitable development of the energy transition:

"With the phasing out of nuclear power and the dwindling importance of coal-fired power in the German electricity mix, there is already almost no physical equivalent for base-load products. With PowerMatch, we are therefore addressing the need of electricity consumers to buy a simple electricity product that fits their consumption profile, consists of German green electricity and is also easy to manage. In addition, thanks to the orientation of the PPAs to the enwex weather indices, the purchased electricity volumes can also be resold if required, unlike conventional PPAs."

Amani Joas, co-founder and C3PO of FLEXPOWER, adds:

"Our expectation is that the on-screen pricing on PowerMatch will lead to more interesting prices on the producer and off-taker side through transparent price competition as well as the reduced transaction costs in the settlement. In addition, battery storage operators now receive a fixed base price for their valuable ability to step in when solar or wind power is not available. Until now, they have only been able to earn their income on the very volatile flexibility markets, which made it difficult to determine a reliable business plan."

The first contracts have already been concluded via the platform during the test phase.


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