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Hamburg, 19.12.2023 – Next-generation energy provider trawa and Hamburg-based electricity trader FlexPower have entered into a long-term partnership. This collaboration allows businesses of all sizes to source renewable energy easily and cost-effectively. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), trawa develops an optimized power procurement strategy based on historical consumption and current market data, aiming to reduce emissions and costs. As a market partner, FlexPower provides the necessary market access through its own electricity trading and a platform for Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) with renewable energy facilities to implement the optimized power procurement.

In an initial PPA deal facilitated through FlexPower's PowerMatch platform, trawa acquires five megawatts of wind power and seven megawatts of solar power from FlexPower over a period of three years. This corresponds to an annual electricity volume of approximately 15,000 megawatt-hours. The agreement marks the first step in a long-term partnership, allowing trawa to sell renewable electricity from the 100% renewable FlexPower portfolio to its customers. This makes PPAs an option for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in electricity procurement.

Through their collaboration, the companies also address the challenge that affordable wind and solar power is not always available when businesses need it. A skillful diversification and the use of standardized production profiles from wind and solar parks create a well-coordinated portfolio that maximizes the simultaneity of consumption and generation.

David Budde, founder and Managing Director of trawa, is pleased with the successfully completed PPA deal: "The deal is an important step in advancing our vision of a sustainable energy future. With FlexPower, we have found a strong partner with whom we can offer our customers individual and sustainable solutions."

Max Dieringer, CEO of FlexPower, explains: "Our standardized profiles usher in a new era in the PPA market by democratizing access to renewable energies. This deal with trawa demonstrates that even small quantities of renewable energy can make a significant contribution to a sustainable future."

About trawa
trawa enables businesses of all sizes to procure electricity in a structured and sustainable manner. Using AI-based software, the startup identifies the ideal electricity procurement portfolio for its customers, purchases electricity products in the market, and pays special attention to the connection to renewable facilities such as wind and solar parks. Through trawa's intelligent solution, businesses can optimally leverage renewable energies to reduce costs and CO2 emissions.

About FlexPower
The Hamburg-based electricity traders at FlexPower bring standardization to the PPA market by offering standardized wind and PV shapes. These profiles enable even smaller industrial customers or professional providers like trawa to easily conclude PPA deals, even in smaller quantities. PowerMatch, FlexPower's platform, provides daily updated transparent prices for wind and PV profiles, significantly facilitating market access to PPAs.


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